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SMARC Modules

SMARC is a small form factor that connects to carrier board by golden finger. It supports low power and wide range computing performance in two module size (82x50mm/82x80mm); also comes with onboard memory & storage.
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CIRCUIT BOARD, Intel® Atom™ E3900 / Pentium® / Celeron® SOM-2569 N Series SMARC Module
  1. Supports iManager, WISE-PaaS/RMM and Embedded Software APIs
  2. Triple Display (DP++, HDMI, LVDS)
  3. Dual channel LPDDR4 2/4/8 GB memory down & onboard eMMC
  4. Integrated dual GbE. Wireless module on Board Design
  5. Intel ® Atom™ E3900 / Pentium ® / Celeron ® N Series Processors
  6. SMARC2.0 & SMARC2.1 Compliance Module


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SMARC R2.0 Devel. Board Rev. A1
  1. Support SMARC V2.0 Module
  2. Support several type of display: LVDS, eDP, DP++, HDMI
  3. Support PCIe with SIM card socket, M.2 (E-Key), SATA, USB3, USB Type-C, Micro SD card
  4. Supports standard ATX power supplier or 12V DC-IN adapter
  5. Visible Debug Utility: BIOS Port 80 and Power State


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