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Mini PCIe

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AMD® G-Series 1.0GHz Dual Core 3.5" SBC with MIOe Expansion, DDR3, VGA, LVDS, HDMI (Wide temp -20-80C)
  1. Embedded AMD® G- Series Single Core/ Dual Core processor + AMD A50M FCH, 1 x DDR3 memory support upto 4 GB
  2. DirectX® 11, 2D/3D Acceleration, multiple display: 48-bit LVDS, HDMI, VGA
  3. Flexibile design using integrated multiple I/O:MIOe to approach vertical applications & keep domain knowhow.
  4. 2 GbE support, HD Audio, Rich I/O interface with 4 COM, 2 SATA, 6 USB and 8-bit GPIO
  5. Supports iManager, SUSIAccess and Embedded Software APIs


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