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AMAX-3285IO-AE 8-axis EtherCAT Motion Slave Module with 16DI/16DO

  1. Max. 5 MHz, 8-axis pulse output
  2. Encoder input is 10 MHz for 4xAB mode, 2.5 MHz for CW/CCW mode
  3. BoardID is switchable
  4. Easily visible LED indicators on board to do diagnosis
  5. Direct wire to servo drive to save terminal board space while installation
  6. Horizontal installation for for servo or stepping motor driver
  7. Suitable for DIN-rail mounting
  8. Programmable interrupt
  9. Memory buffer (10K points) for trajectory planning which is designed in DSP
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Bus Type*
CE, FCC Class A
2 x RJ-45 for communication port / 1 x Terminal block (4P) for power / 1 x Terminal block (2P) for +5V output / 8 x DB-26 connector by transfer cable to servo drives / 8 x Terminal block (16P) for home, Limit, LTC, CMP and extra 16DI/16DO
Dimensions (L x W x H)*
255 x 141 x 60 mm (5.6 x 4.3 x 2.4")
5 ~ 95% RH, non-condensing (IEC 60068-2-3)
Operating Temperature*
0 ~ 60°C (32 ~ 140°F)
Power Consumption*
15W MAX (625mA @ 24V)
Power Input*
24VDC ±10%
Encoder Type and Interface
Counts per Enc. Cycle
x1, x2, x4 (A/B phase only)
Encoder Type and Interface
Input Range
Low: 0 ~ 0.5V / High: 3.5 ~ 7V
Encoder Type and Interface
Input Type
A/B phase, CW/CCW
Encoder Type and Interface
Isolation Protection
2,500 VRMS
Encoder Type and Interface
Max. Input Frequency
10 MHz @ 4xAB
Pulse Type Motion Control
Home Modes
16 home mode + home motion defined by CiA402
Pulse Type Motion Control
Local I/O - General Input Signal*
Input voltage: 24Vdc Max. / Input delay: 100us Max. (isolation delay) / Signal: EMG (emergency stop); ORG, LMT+, LMT-; INPOS (in position signal); LTC (counter latch); RDY (servo ready); ALARM (servo alarm)
Pulse Type Motion Control
Local I/O - General Output Signal*
Output voltage: Open collect 24Vdc Max / Output delay: 100us Max. (isolation delay) / Sink current: 100mA per channel / Signal: CMP (position compare in range output); SVON (servo on); RALM (reset driver alarm); ERC (counter clear signal)
Pulse Type Motion Control
Local I/O - General Purpose I/O*
16DI/16DO (terminal block)
Pulse Type Motion Control
Max. Output Speed
5 Mbps
Pulse Type Motion Control
Motor Driver Support
Pulse-type servo
Pulse Type Motion Control
Number of Axes
Pulse Type Motion Control
Pulse Output Type
Pulse Type Motion Control
Step Count Range
±134, 217, 728
Pulse Type Motion Control
Velocity Profiles
T-Curve, S-Curve