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The VEGA 3300 offers a series of compact encode accelerator cards that offer the highest in quality and speed of encoding and help IT optimize server resources by employing an accelerator card model specifically for the encoding task. The VEGA-3300 targets file or stream-based encoding workflows and the VEGA-3301 adapter card adds 4K video capture capability over built-in HDMI 2.0, Display Port or 4-ch SDI-3G video inputs. Both cards feature a simple-to-use API and example code for FFmpeg.
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1-Ch HEVC/H.264 Video Capture & Encode Module
  1. Small form-factor module for encoding live video using advanced HEVC or H.264 compression
  2. Low power consumption (<5W)
  3. Only 90 x 100mm2
  4. Onboard 1GB DDR3 memory
  5. One micro SD card connector
  6. One USB2.0, and one miniUSB console port
  7. One RJ-45 Ethernet connector
  8. 1-Ch SDI-3G & HDMI video inputs, 1 audio port
  9. 1-Ch HEVC/H.264 1080p60 encode


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4K/60fps HEVC Broadcast Video Encoder Card
  1. 1-ch 4K (2160p) or 4-ch FHD (1080p) @ 60 fps real-time encoding in Main 8, Main 10 or Main 10 4:2:2 modes
  2. Less than 35W power consumption
  3. 4K video capture over built-in HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.2 or 4-ch SDI-3G video inputs
  4. Simple-to-use API and example code for FFmpeg and GStreamer multimedia frameworks


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