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EKI-2528PAI-AE 8-port Industrial PoE Switch with 24/48 VDC Power Input and Wide Temperature

  1. Provides 8 Fast Ethernet ports with 4 PoE ports with injector function
  2. Supports redundant 24/48 VDC power input and P-Fail relay
  3. Supports 10/100Mbps auto negotiation
  4. Provides broadcast storm protection
  5. Supports Ethernet ESD protection
  6. Provides surge (EFT) protection 3,000 VDC for power line
  7. 56Kbytes Packet Buffer and 2K MAC Address Table
  8. Provides Slim size, DIN-rail/Wallmount with IP30 metal mechanism
  9. Supports wide operating temperatures (-40 ~ 75° C)
RoHS cUL CE 5年保固(90X60)
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    1. Power and Simplicity: The Widest Selection of Unmanaged Switches in the Industry

  • Advantech's EKI-2000 Series offers the best possible deal for your Ethernet connections. The super-slim IP30 metal casing design provides reliable and compact management that quickly delivers continuous data transmission with a high degree of security, making it an ideal option as your Ethernet solution.
  • Feature Highlights

    1. Highly Versatile Switch Products
      • Ranging from 5 to 28 ports. More than 30 skus
      • Supports din rail, wall mount or rack mount design
      • Supports fast Ethernet or gigabit transmission
      • Optional fiber ports help you conquer the distance boundary
      • PoE functionality serves power and data transmission with one cable
    2. Plug-and-Play
      • No setting effort
      • No compatibility issues
      • Goes along with any type of network infrastructure
      • Slim size for instant installation with minimum cost and effort, allowing users to upgrade to an intelligent plant with ease
    3. Robust Communication Solutions
      • Super slim IP30 metal casing provides reliable and compact management
      • Provides broadcast storm protection that prevents system from being overwhelmed by continuous multicast traffic
      • Supports wide operating temperatures from -40 to 75°C (EKI-2525I/EKI-2528I)
  • Product Dimensions and Packing Information

    1. Product Dimensions
    2. Unit: mm
    1. Packing
      • Advantech's EKI unmanaged Ethernet switch series provides several mounting methods to fit the varying needs of different projects in the field.
    1. Opening the Box
15.4W at 48V
65 W (Full load PoE)
Power Input (DC)
24 ~ 48 VDC, redundant dual power inputs x
DIN-rail, Panel
Ports Number
Temperature (Operating Range)
-40 ~ 75°C (-40 ~ 167°F) x
Ethernet Communication
RJ-45 Port Connector Type !
PoE (10/100Mbps) x 4 + 10/100 Ethernet x 4
Ethernet Communication
RJ-45 Transmission Distance
Up to 100 m x
Ethernet Communication
RJ-45 Transmission Speed
10/100 Mbps x
Recommended Peripherals

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PWR-242-AE DIN-rail Power Supply $120.69
PWR-243-AE Panel Mount Power Supply $99.71
PWR-244-AE Panel Mount Power Supply $113.35
Part No. Qty
DIN-rail Power Supply
Unit Price(USD): $120.69
Panel Mount Power Supply
Unit Price(USD): $99.71
Panel Mount Power Supply
Unit Price(USD): $113.35