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Digital IO Modules

This line of Industrial Ethernet Data Acquisition and Control modules support wide temperature and isolation protection ratings. The ADAM-6100 series supports Daisy chain connectivity which provides scalability, with fewer wires to help avoid interference common in factory settings.
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12-Channel Isolated Universal I/O Modbus TCP Module
  1. 6 differential channels
  2. 16-bit effective resolution
  3. Isolation Voltage: 2,000 VDC
  4. Sampling Rate: 10 samples/sec.


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Compact intelligent gateway with Digital I/O
  1. Linux Open Platform
  2. CPU:Cortex-A8 32-Bit 1GHz
  3. IO type: 12-ch DI(support 3KHzcounter input), 12-ch DO(support 3KHz pulse output)
  4. Programming: C Language API, Node-RED (graphic programming environment)
  5. Cloud/Database Access
  6. Edge data analysis


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