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ADAM-4055-BE Phase out 16-ch Isolated Digital I/O Module with Modbus

  1. I/O type: 8 DO/DI
  2. Input Voltage level: 10~50 VDC
  3. Open Collector to 40 VDC
  4. Over voltage protection: 70 VDC
  5. 2,500 VDC optical isolation
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    1. ADAM RS-485 I/O Modules

      Simple, Stable, Flexible

  • The ADAM-4000/ 4100 series featuring rugged industrial-grade cases are specially designed for reliable operation in harsh environments. Built-in microprocessors independently provide intelligent signal conditioning, analog I/O, digital I/O, data display, and RS-485 communication through Modbus protocols.
  • The Most Used Protocol for Industrial Automation Development

    1. The new ADAM-4000/ 4100 modules feature Modbus/RTU as the best remote data transmission protocol.
      Standardized Protocol
      • One of the most widely used standard communication protocols for eAutomation development
      Centralized Control
      • Universal remote I/O modules to operate the system via Modbus
      Easy Integration
      • Provides the sample code and command for users to program
  • Non-Stop Monitoring with Watchdog Timer and Protection

    1. For stable and constant performance, ADAM-4000/ 4100 features a Watchdog Timer and maximum protection to ensure the highest level of system reliability.
      Noise Protection
      • Data accuracy assured by enhanced ESD / EFT / Surge Protection
      Module Stability Ensured
      • Once a problem is detected, the Watchdog Timer automatically recovers the system
      Save on Maintenance Costs
      • The Watchdog Timer enhances system stability and reduces maintenance costs
  • Various Interfaces to Meet Your Needs

    1. Integration with embedded systems or PLC systems via USB or RS-485.
      Friendly L-Shaped Cable Design *
      • Users can optionally order the 90 degree micro USB to a Type-A USB cable with a locking mechanism to provide a stable connection
      Micro USB Interface *
      • The new ADAM-4100 series can be powered and transmit data via micro USB interface
      * Only featured on the B version of ADAM-4100 series selected models.
  • Efficient Management

    1. Now, you can access ADAM-4100 modules (B version) by passive RFID for more efficient management.
      Quickly Obtain Module Status
      • Quickly retrieve module information (I/O value, alarm event, and etc.) via the RFID interface
      Easy Maintenance
      • Recorded RFID tag information (model name, serial number, user defined information, etc.) makes module field maintenance easy
  • ADAM-4000/ -4100 Series Comparison

        1. Model
        2. ADAM-4000 Series
        3. ADAM-4100 Series
        1. Operation Temperature
        2. -10~70°C
        3. -45~85°C
        1. Power Input
        2. 10~30VDC
        3. 10~48VDC
        1. RS-485 Interface
        2. Support
        3. Support
        1. Micro USB Interface
        2. n/a
        3. Support
        1. Built-in RFID Tag
        2. n/a
        3. Support
  • Product Dimensions and Packing Information

    1. Product Dimensions
    2. Unit: mm
      • Advantech ADAM series provides various mounting methods to fit the needs of different projects in the field.
    1. Opening the Box
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