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Box IP Camera

Box IP Cameras are widely used outdoors. They are commonly used in Banks, Libraries, Hotels, Supermarkets, and Parking Lots. Some of the Box IP Cameras are designed as License Plate Capture Solutions.
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VIVOTEK IP9171-HP 3MP Day/Night Fixed Boxed IP Network Camera, Vari-Focal 2.8-8mm Lens, Remote Focus, 2048x1536, 30fps, H.264, MJPEG, PoE
  1. 30 fps @ 2048x1536 (3MP)
  2. Vari-focal 2.8-8mm, Remote Focus
  3. WDR Pro for Visibility in High Contrast Environments
  4. Lens Profile Ensures Compatibility with Different Lenses
  5. Gigabit Ethernet
  6. Snapshot Focus
  7. Digital Image Stabilization


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