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Industrial Keyboards

Industrial keyboards are designed for the harsh working environment. Keyboard material is special made with Aluminium, Foil, Glass, Stainless to Silicone cover; keyboard function comes with mouse button, joy-stick, mousepad to numeric keypad for selection.
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Indukey TKV-105-TB38V-MODUL-USB, TKV 105 Key IP65 Trackball 38mmV MODUL Stainless steel (USB)
  1. Ergonomically designed keyboard with 105 keys
  2. Integrated 38-mm-Trackball
  3. Positive tactile feedback
  4. Robust and durable
  5. Resistant to dirt, dust and liquid (IP65)


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Indukey TKV-105-TOUCH-MODUL-USB, TKV 105 Key IP65 TouchPad MODUL Stainless steel (USB)
  1. InduSteel Integrated capacitive touchpad
  2. Positive tactile feedback
  3. Robust and durable
  4. Resistant to dirt, dust and liquid (IP65)


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Indukey TKS-88c-TB38-KGEH-USB, TKS 88 Key IP65 Trackball 38mm KGEH (USB)
  1. Integrated 38 mm industrial trackball
  2. Positive tactile feedback and key embossing
  3. Chemical, abrasion and scratch resistant frontsheet
  4. Resistant to dirt, dust and liquid (IP65)


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