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Supply Chain Equipment

Get the capabilities needed to boost supply chain performance. Advantech Supply Chain handhelds and peripherals bring efficiency, ruggedness and flexibility for best practices in logistics.
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Handheld Dimensioning & Barcode Scanner
  1. 2D/3D visual scanning streamlines shipping, Supply Chain process with instant dimension measurement data
  2. Easy operation with portable design
  3. For package dimensioning and/or barcode data
  4. USB interface
  5. Laser aimer for accurate scanning
  6. No pre-calibration required
  7. Supports Windows, Android, and Linux OS


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Bluetooth, Wearable Barcode Scanner Ring
  1. Wearable ring enables hands-free operation
  2. Compact and lightweight for convenient portability
  3. Battery supports 8 hours operation/1.5 hour charge time
  4. Ergonomic design enhances user comfort


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