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USM-110C-BD111 4K Ultra-Compact RISC-Based Mini Box PC (RK3566)

  1. RK3566, Arm® Cortex-A55 quad-core processor (1.8GHz)
  2. 2 GB onboard memory (4G memory optional)
  3. 16GB eMMC onboard expandable MicroSD (TF) storage
  4. HDMI output *1
  5. Ultra-compact design for easy installation in confined spaces
  6. Supports various mount options including VESA, wall, pole, Magnet, and DIN-rail mounting
  7. Can be integrated with optional Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE modules
  8. Equipped with WISE-PaaS which supports multi-screen displays
  9. Supports Android 11.0
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Signage Player Series


  • WISE-DeviceOn

  • Fanless

  • Lightweight

  • Dual-HDMI

  • Android

USM-110 is a mini RISC-based signage player which offers fanless and low power design suitable for simple digital signage application. In addition to supporting popular display interfaces, these signage players support dual-HDMI video output up to 4K resolution on display. Integrated with cloud-based signage content management software, users enable to remotely edit and schedule digital signage content making it as perfectly signage player for retail and hospitality industries.


Ultra-compact RISC signage payer offers powerful computing and efficiency operation

USM-110 is designed to be a cost-effective system which offers efficiency operation. Embedded with Arm® Cortex®-A17 RISC-based processor and Android system operation for superb graphic computing performance. The system’s ultra-compact design ensures flexible installation in retail store or restaurant with limited space.

Fanless, low-power consumption design for energy saving

The system’s fanless design ensures quiet operation and reduces the accumulation of dust and foreign contaminants. Designed to provide an environmentally friendly solution, the system’s low power consumption can reduce energy costs without sacrifices in functionality or performance.

Enable Various Mounting Installation with Easy Installation Design

USM-110 supports various mount options, including VESA, panel, pole, and DIN-rail mounting, that allow USM-110 can fulfill various application and make it ideal for installing on small countertops and in confined spaces.

Support Dual-HDMI video output for various digital signage application

Equipped with dual-HDMI video output, USM-110 enables to be integrated with dual displays with up to 4K resolution and supports dual Full HD video output. Additionally, the system also supports 1 x COM and 4 x USB 2.0 for additional peripherals integration, such as RFID reader, in order to supports various retail and hospitality applications.

Integrated with digital signage content management software

Equipped with Advantech’s WISE-PaaS/SignageCMS digital signage management software, USM-110 can facilitate interactive multimedia communication and digital signage operations via cloud-based platforms. Furthermore, the UShop+ SignageCMS software platform provides a WISE Agent framework for data acquisition and supports RESTful API web services for accessing and controlling applications from the USM-110 player.

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in a more efficient way.

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Recommended Peripherals

Accessory Products

Part No. Description Unit Price(USD) Qty
1700008921 Power Cord PSE 3P 7A 125V 183cm $6.02
1700024849-01 Power Cord BSMI 3P 2.5A 125V 180CM $3.38
IRS-WIFI-A3E USM-110, USB WIFI5_BT5.0, 1T1R, Antenna $66.65
1700023855-11 M Cable HDMI-A 19P(M)/HDMI-A 19P(M) 100cm w/Lock $8.76
Part No. Qty
Power Cord PSE 3P 7A 125V 183cm
Unit Price(USD): $6.02
Power Cord BSMI 3P 2.5A 125V 180CM
Unit Price(USD): $3.38
USM-110, USB WIFI5_BT5.0, 1T1R, Antenna
Unit Price(USD): $66.65
M Cable HDMI-A 19P(M)/HDMI-A 19P(M) 100cm w/Lock
Unit Price(USD): $8.76