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The software you use in your automated data acquisition and control systems spans a broad range of functionality, from device drivers for controlling specific hardware interfaces to application software packages for developing complete systems. The type and quality of the software you use ultimately determines its overall flexibility and usefulness. Advantech not only understands the importance of the software, but continually revises software solutions to be more open, and enable better operability, regardless of the solution design. We offer software solutions to meet your various needs and preferences, whether for data acquisition, industrial testing and measurement, or for control applications.
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SOFTWARE, WebAccess 8.2 Universal with 75 tags
  1. Enables 100% web-based remote engineering, monitoring, and control
  2. Supports the MQTT protocol to provide big data to cloud platforms in the Publish/Subscribe pattern
  3. HTML5 Intelligent Dashboard provides a HTML5-based user interface for cross-browser, cross-platform data analysis as well as Widget Builder for creating custom widgets
  4. Open interface web services (RESTful API and SignalR), widget interface and WebAccess APIs
  5. Supports diverse drivers including Advantech’s I/O modules, controllers, and major PLCs, as well as standard protocols Modbus, OPC UA, OPC DA, SNMP, and BACnet
  6. Easily integrated with third-party software, such as MES and ERP, via open interfaces
  7. Integrated with WebAccess/IVS, WebAccess/NMS and WISE-PaaS/RMM


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