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Data Acquisition & I/O

The Data Acquisition and Control series from Advantech features outside the box DAQ solutions including DAQ boards and cards supporting PCI and ISA bus, USB DAQ modules, Ethernet data acquisition, and analog to digital conversion. These systems can be instrumental to supervisory control, including temperature monitoring, high speed DAQ, and more.
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CABLE, SCSI-100 to 2*SCSI-68 Ribbon-Type Cable, 2m
  1. Double-shielded cable with 100-Pin to two 68-Pin SCSI connector
  2. HPCN100: Male black insulation nickel plated
  3. HPDB68: Male gold flash contacts, black insulator x 2
  4. 25 twist pairs tinned and strand copper wire with drain wire
  5. Aluminum/Mylar foil and braided copper double-shielded cable
  6. P.V.C. jacket
  7. UL 2919 approved
  8. Color : Black


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Extender,Extend Dual 20P To PC Slot-Plate
  1. Suitable for analog and digital signal
  2. Designed for 20-pin flat ribbon cables
  3. Desinged for shielded cables
  4. Convenient wiring accessories designed


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DIN-rail Power Supply
  1. Input short protection
  2. Output overload protection
  3. Operation temperature: 0~50 ℃


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Panel Mount Power Supply
  1. Input short protection
  2. Output overload protection


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Panel Mount Power Supply
  1. Input short protection
  2. Output overload protection


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CIRCUIT BOARD, 12bit, 4ch Isolated Analog Output Card
  1. 4 12-bit D/A output channels
  2. Multiple output ranges
  3. 2,500 VDC isolation between the outputs and the PCI bus
  4. Keeps the output settings and values after system reset
  5. One DB37 connector for easy wiring
  6. Universal PCI and BoardID™ switch


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CIRCUIT BOARD, 32ch Isolated Digital Input Card
  1. ISA-Compatible with PCL-733
  2. 32-ch Isolated digital input
  3. High output driving capacity
  4. Interrupt handling capability
  5. D-type connector for isolated input channels


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CIRCUIT BOARD, 32-ch Isolated Digital Output Card
  1. ISA-Compatible with PCL-734
  2. 32-ch Isolated digital output
  3. High output driving capacity
  4. D-type connector for isolated output channels
  5. High-voltage isolation on output channels


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CIRCUIT BOARD, 24ch TTL Digital I/O Card
  1. ISA-Compatible with PCL-724
  2. 24 TTL digital I/O channels
  3. Emulates mode 0 of 8255 PPI
  4. Interrupt handling
  5. Opto-22 compatible 50-pin connectors
  6. Output status readback
  7. PCI universal card


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