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APAX Remote I/O series is definitely designed for control markets because of its high density I/O points, flexible, scalable, and hot-swappable functionality and also variety I/O selections. Having two protocol options, Modbus/TCP and Ethernet/IP, user can build their remote I/O system with specific protocols to fulfill the remote I/O needs of existing PLC market and any control markets.
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CIRCUIT MODULE, Modbus/TCP Communication Coupler
  1. Support Modbus/TCP protocol which can be connected with Modbus/TCP master
  2. Dynamic configuration allows users to configure multiple inputs functions in one module
  3. Two RJ-45 ports with the same IP address for building daisy chains
  4. Flexible Modbus address mapping either automatically or manually
  5. Able to connect to APAX digital I/O modules (max. 768 points) or analog I/O modules (max.192 points)
  6. With 16 sets of onboard alarm which can be enabled by utility without any programming


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4-Port RS-232/422/485 Isolation Module
  1. 4 COM ports for APAX controller with PCI express interface
  2. COM 1, COM 2 : RS-232/422/485
  3. COM 3, COM 4 : RS-232/422/485
  4. Baud Rate : 50 bps ~ 230.4 kbps
  5. 15 kV ESD protection
  6. 2500 VDC EFT protection
  7. 2500 VDC isolation protection (between COM ports and backplane)


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